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The Voice Through the Storm

ST THOMAS - a small island of 51,000 residents in the US Virgin Islands has been destroyed.

In September 2017, two Category 5 hurricanes made landfall in the span of 3 weeks leaving a quarter of the island homeless, without power, with limited access to fresh water and a daily struggle to get whatever supplies they can.

As people wait for aid that doesn’t come, frustration builds and the island reaches a tipping point. There is no cell reception; the generators that power the towers have run out of diesel; internet is non existent. The only way to communicate is through a dilapidated radio station - AM 1340.

At dawn, through the darkness each morning, in flooded homes without roofs or power - there is a voice. A voice coming through the radio guiding people through the storm and its aftermath.

This voice belongs to ADDIE OTTLEY, a 74 year old man who is dying. This is his story.


Cast & Credits

Director/Writer: Bella Monticelli

Producers: Sacha Smith and Jenn Khoe

Genre: Documentary Short

Year: 2019